Rucksack: Gear up for your animation.

Tags & Tools

Identity Design
User Interface Design


Design: Jack Wiese

This project was created as part of a 3 class, 3 week course for ExtraGrind taught by Superhuman's design team.

Case Study


Rucksack is a gear delivery service that brings you the best gear for your vacation. A user can choose from a variety of different types of vacations, from Ski trips in the Rockies to resorts in the Caribbean. The app uses AI and user input to suggest activities to do on the trip and then determines the appropriate gear for the selected destination and activities. This brand-imagining was developed in 3 weeks through Superhuman’s ExtraGrind classes and was based off of a brief for a “an outdoor gear delivery service” that utilized an app to help curate and deliver products to customers.

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Rucksack: Gear up for your animation.

The Goal

Rucksack was created as part of an ExtraGrind course put on by Superhuman Agency’s design team. Over the course of three classes I developed the Rucksack brand from a brief to a fleshed out identity. The brief called for a brand that communicated the app’s mission for better and easier travel across the world.

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Rucksack logotype on a green poster with a tree trunk faintly present in the background. This poster is on a bus stop.

The Result

A rugged and adventurous identity was developed using textures and images from the destinations Rucksack offer’s for its users. From the blocky type to the earthy color palette, the design choices consider the adventurous spirit of many of the app’s target users. A logo depicting the “R” letterform is created from shapes representing the Sun and mountains. A simple contour texture is used to further the feeling of exploring the world around us.

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Rucksack Mark as an embroidered patch