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Web Design & Prototype: Jack Wiese

Case Study

Buffalo Games

I was tasked to develop a new identity and website design for BuffaloGames.com and related marketing materials. As the US leader in puzzle manufacturing, Buffalo Games was looking to up its focus on Direct-To-Consumer avenues and needed a website to match those efforts.

As of writing, the site is undergoing a phased transition to the new design prototype presented in this case study.

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The Goal

While working at Buffalo Games, the website was in need of a refresh in order to drive a higher conversion rate. I worked with our DTC Manager to create a webpage that contained our most popular categories and themes, according to our SEO data.

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The Result

Creating a site that can drive traffic, showcase the companies extensive jigsaw puzzle library, and maintain a great user experience is a challenging puzzle to solve. With so many moving pieces to take into account, I opted to create a simplified design that showcased everything the company needs to share, and nothing they don't. I pulled in a pink color that the company had historically used as an accent color and made it the main player in the design. Shifting the main type from a blocky playful font to a friendly serif typeface also played major role in giving the web identity a facelift.

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