Field Guide April Edition: New Name!

Edition #
By Jack Wiese
Apr 20, 2023

Written by Jack Wiese

Hey ho everybody, welcome to the April edition of the (newly named) Field Guide: Newsletter for Designers.

I last wrote back in February where I talked about what this newsletter will be about. Read it here. In that first edition, I focused more on creating a longer-form newsletter, but since then I have realized long form is just not my writing style. I would rather spend more time sharing useful design resources and less time trying to reach a word count. I'm not in school anymore anyways!

I expect I'll be introducing myself more in the near future, but quickly if you don't know who I am, I am Jack Wiese. A Minneapolis Graphic Designer who specializes in all sorts of different design avenues. My favorites include type, digital, motion, and identity design. Anytime I get to utilize any of those four skill areas is an exciting moment for me.

Ok. Enough about me, let's get on to the resources!

This week I don't really have a theme, except that I have recently been using these tools/resources and am loving my experiences so far.
So, in no particular order:

  1. Klack : Klack is one of those apps that seems silly or useless, and I wouldn't fault you for thinking so. But hot-damn do I love it. Klack is a simple app that plays keyboard clicks when you type. If you're like me and use your MacBook's built-in keyboard whenever you are out and about, or if you simply don't own a mechanical keyboard, this is a great way to make typing feel more fun. I'm genuinely shocked at how satisfying it makes typing–and I do own a mechanical keyboard!
  2. Milanote : Are you someone who thinks visually and struggles with lists? Or someone who wishes they could keep notes and images in the same place along with to-dos, like a whiteboard? Then you'll adore Milanote. I use this app similar to how many people use Notion. I store all my quick notes, tasks, and even have a few mood boards in it. (although I still mainly use FigJam for those)
  3. : Creating engaging and dynamic thumbnails to present your work, especially for UI projects, can be more difficult than making the actual project! Well maybe not, but it's still needlessly time-consuming. That's where steps in. It makes it super easy to make great thumbnails or showcase images to really make your work stand out among the endless sea of Dribbble posts. One tip I have is to use a custom image for the background. This ensures your thumbnail will look unique compared to anyone else who uses this tool. I highly recommend giving a try, its free!
  1. BN Reebox Font by Brandon Nickerson : This new font just came out and I love it. It's a perfect blocky-yet-squishy font that you need to add to your font book TODAY. Also, its free for a limited time (reg. $35).
  1. : Ok I just recently discovered this site, and I am honestly not sure how I hadn't heard of it before. I was tipped off to it when the Minneapolis design studio, Fred&Co, was featured on it (go check out their fantastic work!). In short, DGS is a site that is, in their own words, "A directory of brand and digital product design studios doing cool stuff." They feature (mostly) extra-small to (not-many) extra-large design studios from around the world. With so many different filters to choose from, you can browse all sorts of studios that are "doing cool stuff".

Well, that's all folks. Thanks for your time and message me if you have any resource recs!

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